Naum Korzhavin's Poetry Reading

Thursday, 28 March 2013 10:56

Naum Korzhavin is one of the greatest Russian classical poets of the 20th century. Naum Korzhavin was forced to leave the USSR in 1970th and settled with his wife Luba in Boston, MA. Naum Korzhavin poetry was prohibited and thus not published due to his political anti-Soviet views. Being an underground poet meant that public would know him only via handwritten pages.

And despite the governmental veto on these poems, thousands of Soviet citizens grew up on his amazing poetry. The fundraising campaign for his support raised significant funds within weeks of the initial appeal to help. He recently celebrated his90th birthday at his daughter's house in North Carolina.
It was a privilege to host Naum and Luba Korzhavin's last public performance - an evening filled with his poetry, a celebration with friends and long-time supporters.

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