About Artist & Designer

Irina Gorbman is an accomplished artist and designer for fashion and decor. Art That Heals™ is an artist's vision, mission and a feeling that people experience while looking at her abstract creations. The vibrancy of the color combinations creates an uplifting and recharging experience. Viewers feel that these works are happy, optimistic and "more than you can see at a first glance". While Irina is a self-taught artist working in her own meditative style, art patrons see some relevance to major works by Edvard Munch, Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning and Edouard Manet. The switch from a traditional (in the eyes of her parents from the former USSR) career in mechanical engineering and international relations to art happened after a postpartum accident.

Irina's abstract expressionistic paintings, wearable art fashion collections, artistic fabrics and accent wallpapers were showcased at the Boston Fashion Week, Architectural Digest Design Shows in NYC, Boston Home Décor Show, Boston Design Center during Boston Design Market, Design & Decor Building on Manhattan, galleries, and fundraising events (including WGBH & Dana Farber). She works with design and fashion companies, showrooms and private clients.

Growing up in Moscow, Irina has always been passionate about art, fashion and decor, inspired by classical European and Russian traditions. The latest works represent a millennial free-flow style combined with an "old" good taste for beautiful compositions.

My art is my ground, my home base, the most truthful representation of who I am. And my design work is a derivative of my art.

Art is like air, it comes as effortlessly as breathing; design is an exercise, and experiment that requires discipline, focus, work….Once the painting is finished, it gives me an inspiration to create a design pattern. Then it becomes a really fun process as I see how my art takes another life as a design item, as a pair of leggings, a wall paper or a scarf...It gives me great joy to see this multiple lives of one painting, sort of incarnation…

Usually I work in the evenings and thus, my paintings are a result of my emotional state of that particular day. I put my work robe and I’m in. I paint without my glasses, I don’t need to see, I need to feel and transmit with my hand what comes into my heart. I dont sketch either. I would never be able to use them for my paintings. When I paint, I seize the moment... I don’t pre-select a color palette either. My hands pick the colors, make hues and patterns almost intuitively, reflecting my emotional state or the state of my mind - happiness, disappointment, grief, joy, excitement. My art is a reflection of my soul. My studio is the place where my left brain is dormant and the right one is active, transmitting the energy of imagination and feelings into visual representation - art.

About Company

Art That Heals™ is Irina Gorbman’s vision, mission and a trademark. Irina uses all colors of the Universe on canvas in meditative style to create this healing effect. “Color Healing” is an ancient art movement traced back to early Egyptian times and Ayurvedic medicine. In the eyes of Irina’s clients, her meditative abstract oil paintings evoke Zen feelings - the more one looks, the more one sees - water, mountains, faces, trees. Based on originals, Gorbman creates derivative designs for fashion and decor that carry the same physical vibe on a fractal level.

This concept was shaped upon 30 years of yoga meditation and over ten years in art creation and self-healing. It was necessary to rewire the brain, so Irina discovered that a painting process brings her brain to an elevated alpha state and these paintings carry a happy energy flow that uplifts the spirit and jazz up an interior regardless the state of the body. From V. Kandinsky, she learned - “To bring the whole into harmony on the canvas is what leads to a work of art”. Irina’s paintings are very colorful, but even people who are sort of color-blind said that they felt happy in her studio.

The meditative paintings and derivative design products she makes, become a source of nourishment for the body and beyond because they energize the chakras on subconscious level. Figuratively speaking, these cheerful designs are like a cup of coffee or an extra battery for the chakras. Imagine a cup of coffee on a wall, a window, a furniture upholstery… or wearing this battery yourself - it is a recharging experience.

Seeing a body as a stream of energies, and people as the energy carriers, Gorbman’s work is intended to contribute to the movement of healthy living and ability to replenish energy level from the natural sources, which becomes more than ever essential in a modern high-paced, technology-driven environment.

What About Audience

For all who are young at heart and like to live in color, Irina did her work. Her “Abstract Art that Makes Interiors Shine” series and derivative patterns for décor and fashion mean to uplift the audience’s energy level. Whether you choose an artwork or an accent wallpaper or a matching fabric – the happy vibe will be there – like a cup of coffee or smoothie!

Fashion outfits were designed for every woman and every day, with a strong feeling that many of us run 24/7, so the dedication goes to all of us! Keep the vibe going in millennial free-flow style!

#WearableArt for Sport, Spring & Summer

Sport in Style© is our motto for active wear collection. Do you feel sometimes dragging yourself to exercise – need a boost or an extra motivation? Want to look elegant all the time, regardless… Feeling tired of boring grey and black sports pants, Irina designed vibrant artistic #wearable art collection of yoga leggings for gym and every-day life. At the show, people stopped and asked “did you come from this painting?” Wear these cheerful designs, feel empowered and enjoy the smiles around you. Irina created ready summer dresses, skirts, tops and limited edition hand-signed scarves that you could buy on this site. We made a collaboration with a company in North America to produce these outfits using eco-friendly materials (partially hand-sewed).

Our Motto

To quote Vassily Kandinsky: “ To bring the whole into harmony on the canvas is what leads to a work of art”…on the canvas and beyond.

Art That Heals™ Gives Back

Historically Irina Gorbman supported fundraising for a good cause. Among public Boston-based charities, an annual WGBH Auction was one of the beneficiaries of her art donations. Also, Irina was among a team of fashion designers participated in VOGE Runway @ Bond R&L, where some proceeds from tickets’ sales were donated to Dana Farber Institution. Irina lead a small team of volunteers to support an iconic dissident and a Soviet poet living in exile in Boston – Naum Korzhavin. About $70,000 were raised worldwide within three weeks of the campaign.

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