Irina Gorbman is a Boston-based, self-taught, abstract artist who creates unique, meditative, metaphysical patterns. Gorbman has always been passionate about art, fashion, and decor, and while growing up in Moscow, she was inspired by classical European and Russian traditions. This inspiration is seen in her latest works, in which a millennial free-flow style is combined with a more traditional taste for beautiful compositions.

After painting, Gorbman’s unique metaphysical patterns are used on clothing, decorative fabrics, and wallpapers. The vibrancy of the color combinations creates an uplifting and recharging experience for viewers, who describe her works as optimistic and "more than you can see at a first glance." Gorbman’s art has previously been compared to major works by Edvard Munch, Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning, and Edouard Manet.

Gorbman’s abstract expressionist paintings, wearable art fashion collections, artistic fabrics, and accent wallpapers have been showcased at New York Fashion Week, Boston Fashion Week, Architectural Digest Design Show in NYC, Boston Home Décor Show, Boston Design Center during Boston Design Market, the Design & Decor Building in Manhattan, and many galleries and fundraising events, including WGBH & Dana Farber. Gorbman works with design and fashion companies, showrooms, and private clients.

Gorbman says “art is like air – it comes as effortlessly as breathing; design is an exercise and experiment that requires discipline, focus and work. Once a painting is finished, it gives me the inspiration to create a design pattern. Then it becomes a really fun process as I see how my art takes another life as a pair of leggings, a wallpaper or a scarf. It gives me great joy to see the multiple lives of one painting in different forms."

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