Irina Gorbman is a self-taught artist with a background in mechanical engineering and international relations. She grew up in Moscow, Russia and came to the US with her family, which consisted of four generations, in her early 20’s. Irina’s art journey began after a medical condition that required a prolonged recovery. She turned to the study of art to heal herself and found that art creation was, in fact, a healing meditation. Irina applied the properties of art and colors to practice these methods to create her own art. Abstract Expressionism is Irina’s signature style for her metaphysical oil paintings, where the vibrancy of the color combinations produces an optimistic uplifting feel. Spectators comment that "there is more than you can see at a first glance," finding subtle faces, mountains, water and magic towns emerging after a closer look. Irina creates the Healing Power of Art.

Irina believes that in our technology-driven world, we need a color boost to feel more energetic and become more holistic. As we currently live in an unprecedented time, the need for the healing power of art is real. The world has changed permanently - we feel a reset in social interactions, explore our deeper selves and find happiness inside. The colors - happy colors - can help in this process of elevation.

Art patrons note that the sensitivity of Irina’s works is similar to Edvard Munch, Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning, Claude Monet and refer to abstract expressionism and automatic and gestural painting.
Irina Gorbman Fine Art, also known as InnerG, offers artworks, prints on canvas, pattern designs for custom products and licensing. Custom design is available upon request.

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